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At Integrative Family Law,
We Do Divorce Differently.

We understand the level of conflict that takes place during and after your divorce is the most potent predictor of how happy you and your children will be and how quickly your children will adjust to their new lives.

Rather than focus on "winning at any cost" while racking up the most billable hours, we strive to minimize the conflict between you and your spouse as you move through the legal process.

Your Goals and Family's Long-term
Happiness Are Our No. 1 Priority.

In addition to helping with your divorce in Seattle and King, Snohomish, Pierce and Skagit Counties, we can help you with other family law matters including:

Mediation between you and your spouse or partner, or your ex, without attorneys present

  • Modifications of Child Support and Parenting Plans
  • Co-Habitation and Pre-Nuptial Agreements
  • Step Parenting Counseling/Blended Family Coaching
  • Same Sex Marriage

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family's long-term well-being:

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