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Carol Bailey-Medwell is the founder of Integrative Family Law, PLLC, a Seattle family law firm. Ms. Bailey-Medwell founded and continues to develop Integrative Family Law, which is an approach to practicing law that emphasizes the communication skills of the lawyer as an indispensable element in reducing conflict and promoting the long-term well-being of clients and their families. This approach is contained in the curriculum she wrote and teaches to law students to enhance their communication skills before they begin practicing law. In her family law practice Ms. Bailey-Medwell represents individuals with complex estate issues and parents who need help developing sensible parenting plans for their children. She also serves as a mediator for couples, both represented and unrepresented by attorneys, and as a Title 26 Guardian ad Litem. She handles litigation cases, collaborative cases and all forms of conciliatory resolutions in between, striving to bring the skills required to be helpful in each unique situation. She received her B.A. in Art History from The University of Texas at Austin (with honors) and her J.D. from Southern Methodist University. Ms. Bailey-Medwell is licensed to practice law in Texas and Washington. She is an adjunct professor at Seattle University School of Law and a member of the Women’s Leadership Board at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government.


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