Step Family Counseling

Blending a family, or even living with step children, is often a very challenging experience. The last thing you want to be known as is a Step Monster or to start counting the days until your new stepchild becomes 18.

We understand that children’s loyalty to their biological parents creates a lot of tension that can feel insurmountable.  And biological parents feel a strong need to protect their own children.  We know all about this because we’ve been there.

We can help: Guidance and Step Family Counseling

Couples who remarry or live together with children from prior relationships face unique challenges.  The loyalty issues can be very challenging.

We offer guidance from our experience about ways to set limits, meet the appropriate emotional needs of children and maintain focus on having a strong long-term marriage or relationship.  The last thing children need is another separation or divorce, and we try to help you avoid that.

Carol Bailey has developed hundreds of Parenting Plans as a Guardian ad Litem, and provides counseling for stepparents and stepchildren. She can offer creative solutions within the confines of the court orders for relieving the inherent tensions of stepfamilies. Learn more about Carol Bailey and her team.

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