Seattle LGBT Family Lawyers

In 2012, Washington state passed a law giving LGBT couples the same rights as heterosexual couples, and Federal law followed suit. At Integrative Family Law, we are committed to staying up to date on the laws and regulations affecting same-sex couples in Washington state, and we’re here help with any family law issues the LGBT community may face, from prenuptial agreements and domestic partnership agreements, to representation in a divorce, help with a parenting plan, or drafting of adoption agreements.

Same-sex Prenuptials and Postnuptial Agreements

If you and your partner are getting married it’s a good idea to establish a prenuptial agreement to help ensure your assets are protected. Without a prenuptial agreement, if you and your partner were to divorce, the court will divide your assets equitably without consideration to individual ownership or purchases.

For couples who are already married, a postnuptial agreement can accomplish the same thing. Of course, we hope you never need to use it, but it’s much better to consider these issues while your relationship is strong to avoid unnecessary conflict down the road. Visit our prenuptial agreements page to learn more.

Prenuptial Agreements

LGBT Domestic Partnership Agreements

Many couples choose to live together before getting married, or decide to forgo getting married altogether. If you’re living with your partner, it’s still a good idea to come to an agreement on how bills will be paid and what will happen to any assets you acquire while living together if you were to split up, especially if you intend to live together for an extended period of time or buy real estate together.

A domestic partnership agreement contractually defines a couple’s financial responsibilities and ownership of assets acquired both before and during the relationship. Without an agreement, if you separate and your relationship meets court-defined standards, your assets and income acquired during the relationship are subject to equitable distribution.

Domestic Partnership

Same-sex Maternity, Same-sex Paternity, and LGBT Adoptions

If you and your partner have established a family, or are planning to start one soon, there are some situations that are unique to same-sex relationships. For example, if one partner is a legal parent of a child but the other isn’t, child custody issues could arise down the road. Integrative Family Law Attorneys can help you establish LGBT parental rights and help navigate other potential legal challenges during same-sex family planning.

LGBT Wills and Designated Beneficiaries

Same-sex estate planning helps make sure your family and assets are protected in the event of your death. A Legal Will defines your beneficiaries and reduces the chances of a challenge to property or assets that are held jointly and helps make sure your assets are distributed in the way that you want. We do not draft estate planning documents but can work with your estate planning attorney to make sure your estate and domestic partner or prenuptial agreement protect your rights and fulfill your wishes.

Seattle LGBT Divorce

If you and your partner are considering divorce, we can help you understand your options, prioritize your goals, and develop a strategy with your family’s long-term well-being in mind. Same-sex couples have the same legal rights as every other couple during a divorce. Visit our Divorce Proceedings page to learn more about our holistic approach to divorce.

Divorce Proceedings

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