Divorce Mediation

What is divorce mediation?

Divorce Mediation is a highly flexible process leading to settlement of legal issues outside of court. Divorce mediation gives couples more control over determining their futures by engaging in cooperative and mutually respectful discussions with the guidance of a trained divorce mediator. Many couples resolve the issues of their family law case before filing for divorce.

Divorce mediation is almost always the least expensive divorce option because you can avoid paying two attorneys throughout the divorce process. Instead, you’ll have one, experienced lawyer to guide both of you through the family law process and help you understand a reasonable legal foundation for your divorce agreements.

During a mediated divorce, you can have an attorney on the side advising you periodically, but your attorney doesn’t need to attend mediation meetings. Your attorney will also help you after agreements are reached in mediation to draft your agreement into proper legal documents. This process keeps costs lower than a more traditional process where two attorneys are involved throughout the family law proceeding.

Benefits of Divorce Mediation:

  • Divorce mediation is often the best alternative to costly divorce litigation or prolonged negotiation conducted through attorneys.
  • Divorce mediation lets you stay in charge of your life rather than giving control over to attorneys and judges, who do not know you or your family.
  • Divorce mediation can be used before filing for divorce, or soon after filing, but before the situation spins out of control, making it one of the simplest and most affordable divorce options.
  • Early divorce mediation will help you learn about the legal process and avoid the conflict and negativity that almost always follows a divorce court hearing.
  • Divorce mediation can help you better understand your legal rights during divorce, discover creative solutions, reduce conflict, save money and develop a process that treats all family members with respect.
  • Divorce mediation helps preserve an amicable relationship for the future with the other parent of your child, a great gift you can give your child or children.

Are you looking to have an amicable divorce and keep costs down? Divorce mediation might be the best option for you.

At Integrative Family Law, our Seattle divorce mediation services put you and your spouse in the driver’s seat. Let us know what you want to accomplish, and we will strive to help you achieve those goals. Our divorce mediators can help you understand and discuss both short and long-term financial goals, parenting plans, child support calculations, property division, cash flow concerns, and alimony or spousal maintenance. We’ll guide you through the legal process, then note agreements so your divorce attorney can memorialize your agreements in formal legal documents. Your attorney needs to draft your agreements into final form, because Washington State ethical rules do not permit a mediator to draft final legal documents.

Divorce doesn’t have to mean the end of your family – that’s why we do divorce differently.

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Integrative Family Law’s Trained Divorce Mediators:

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