Seattle Executive and High Net Worth Divorce

If you’re an executive or have high net worth and you may be involved in a divorce you need a lawyer who understands complex financial issues and is experienced in working with high asset divorce clients. It is always a challenge in some sense to divide a couple’s estate, but in high asset divorces there are often special challenges presented, such as valuation of minority ownership interests, valuation of closely held businesses, family partnerships, stock incentive plans, and sometimes payment of alimony when the couple has dedicated significant resources to maintaining an expensive lifestyle.

It’s important to work with a family law attorney who has the experience, knowledge and resources to handle complex divorce cases and knows how to protect your assets while maintaining a diplomatic relationship with other professionals in the divorce.

We work with a curated group of financial professionals to create a team that will protect your financial resources and help you reach an amicable settlement with a limited amount of information in the public records.

Our office staff takes pride in providing “high touch” for every client.  We offer a first class,  professional, and highly responsive approach to every client beyond what you may see in other family law firms.

High Asset Property Division and Protection

High-asset divorces can involve a broad assortment of complex financial issues, difficult to value assets, real properties, and tax issues related to multiple businesses, investments, personal acquisitions, and more. It takes a high level of intelligence and experience, along with deep knowledge of legal processes to fully understand and skillfully manage the resolution of complex divorce cases.

We can help put together a financial team to address all high net worth divorce concerns, including:

  • Business ownership interests and valuation
  • Patents, literary rights and intellectual properties
  • Complex investment histories and stock options
  • International assets
  • Tracing of separate property assets
  • Alimony or spousal support
  • Forensic accounting
  • Tax issues and tax consequences of various assets distribution models
  • Debt distribution

Private Divorce and Divorcing Out of Court

A big concern for many executives and wealthy individuals is protecting their private lives from becoming public information. Our attorneys are highly experienced in minimizing both the private and public impact of divorce. We can provide divorce options that avoid unnecessary conflict and help keep your private matters out of the public eye, including complex divorce mediation and collaborative law divorce.

High Asset Divorce Attorneys in Seattle, Washington

If you’re facing divorce and need an attorney who is experienced in handling complex, high asset divorce cases and is adept at managing an executive divorce in Washington state, Integrative Family Law can help. We handle divorce and all other family law cases in Seattle, King and Snohomish counties. Call us at 206-859-6800, or email to schedule a consultation.

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