Seattle Divorce Proceedings

For more than two decades, clients have trusted in the attentive, experienced support of our Seattle divorce attorneys.  Your financial and personal well-being is our priority, and we aren’t just interested in helping you “win.” We also want to help you achieve long-term financial stability and happiness.

Determining Your Divorce Goals and Priorities

During the first meeting, your divorce attorney will ask questions about your goals, such as: What are your main goals for your life after divorce? What are your financial and interpersonal priorities? If you have children, what kind of life do you want them to have after your divorce?

Our approach is holistic. We take everything we learn about you and your unique situation and develop a tailored divorce strategy based on your needs. Unlike some other divorce attorneys, our goal is not to ignite inflammatory arguments, engage in unnecessary aggression, or destroy your personal relationships. We work to preserve your legal rights, advance your priorities in a dignified manner and avoid the needless destruction of important relationships you will need in the future.

You Have Several Divorce Options

Many people think the only option for divorce is the traditional approach, where each spouse hires an attorney, things get ugly, and a judge resolves everything in court.  That’s the most expensive kind of divorce – both financially and emotionally. Using the court to resolve sensitive family law issues should be reserved for unusual situations, novel legal issues or spouses with unique circumstances, such as mental illness, substance abuse, or unusually high levels of conflict.

Divorce Options to Consider:

Divorce Mediation

Couples who want to remain amicable after divorce will find divorce mediation to be a great, affordable divorce option because you can avoid paying multiple attorneys. Our divorce mediators can walk you and your spouse through the entire divorce process, including developing parenting plans, child support calculations, property division, and financial goals.
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Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce lets you resolve the issues of your divorce without going to court by working with a collaborative law team in a process that includes meetings with financial, mental health, and parenting experts.  In collaborative law divorce, both spouses agree they will not use the court system, and they work with the team members to reach mutually agreeable divorce settlements. Collaborative attorneys cannot represent you in court if you do not resolve all issues during the collaborative process.
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Cooperative Divorce

For people who need attorneys and choose not to engage in the formal collaborative law process, but want to remain amicable, a cooperative divorce is an option.  This allows you to work in a collaborative fashion, but your attorney can represent you in court if you do not settle all issues in the Cooperative Divorce process.
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Why Hire Integrative Family Law for Your Divorce?

Unlike some other divorce attorneys in Seattle who operate a “divorce mill”, everyone in our office cares about what happens to you, your family and your children after divorce. We understand that there are ways to meet everyone’s needs without negativity and hostility. We also know that you won’t be happy if your children aren’t happy, and the best predictor of how divorce will affect your children’s happiness is how the divorce is handled in the legal system. Even if you get an extra $5,000 per month from your ex-spouse, did you really “win” if your kids are affected by anger and resentment?

Our Seattle family law attorneys are skilled divorce negotiators who know how to handle and diffuse conflict. We can help coach you to communicate effectively with your spouse during the divorce process. We have decades of experience negotiating high asset divorces, handling cases with complex legal issues and resolving difficult divorces without trial, which means we may have solved a situation similar to yours and we may know of a creative solution that other family law attorneys with less experience may be unaware of.

We strive to minimize the impact of divorce on you and your relationships. In many cases, our approach results in reduced legal fees.

To learn about Washington State Divorce Laws, Divorce Timelines or get more information about Divorce, visit our Resources page. If you aren’t sure which type of divorce will bring you ultimate happiness, read this helpful article by Carol Bailey: Discovering What You Really Want from Your Divorce.

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