Divorce Clarity Counseling

Many individuals choose divorce as a solution to their relationship problems without fully exploring the cause of those problems, the possible alternatives to divorce, or the new set of problems they’ll face after divorce or separation. Put simply, many people don’t consider the problems divorce creates until after they surface.

Having heard the stories of many individuals and couples over more than thirty years of family law practice, Integrative Family Law’s founder, Carol Bailey, decided to offer Divorce Clarity Counseling, a practical and realistic look at whether divorce will lead to greater happiness. Our divorce counseling is designed to help individuals look at the root of their unhappiness, weigh the costs and benefits of divorce and develop realistic expectations about their futures. Our divorce counseling also offers tips to help individuals avoid some of the inevitable fallout from divorce, should divorce be the course the individual chooses.

For instance, have you thought about:

  • What it will be like not to know where your children are or who they’re with, and not have much control over the people they are with?
  • The difficulties of having a new spouse and the issues that can arise between stepparents and stepchildren?
  • How you will handle it if your new spouse doesn’t get along with your children, or if you have difficulty living with his or hers?
  • The instability that develops for your children if your next relationship doesn’t work out? (The divorce rate is higher in second marriages than in first marriages.)
  • How you will support your household and meet your children’s needs on just your own salary?
  • How much you blame your partner or spouse for things you can change yourself, or for things they have no control over?
  • Ways you can enhance your own happiness that do not include blaming someone else?
  • Ways to focus more on what is right in your relationship, instead of dwelling on what’s wrong? There is always something wrong in every relationship.

How does Divorce Clarity Counseling work?

Through divorce counseling, we can help you think more clearly, create alternatives to divorce, and possibly avoid making decisions you might later regret. We schedule 1 to 2-hour meetings as often as needed to talk through your life circumstances and the related legal issues. This is not mental health treatment, but long-term life guidance and relationship management.

You aren’t a Marital Counselor or Social Worker, so how can you really help me?

Many people believe counseling is only the province of mental health professionals. Although Integrative Family Law often recommends mental health support, in many cases individuals just need a neutral person with real life experience and knowledge of relationship dynamics and legal consequences of divorce to talk through their situation and the choices that might bring the most happiness. Many of our attorneys have been divorced, and several have remarried and faced the challenges of blending new families. We have both the professional and personal experience to help you understand the consequences of your choices.

After engaging in divorce counseling, if you decide that divorce or separation is right for you, our divorce attorneys can help guide you toward decisions that minimize conflict and preserve your family ties.

Divorce Clarity Counseling with Integrative Family Law

Our real-life, real-time legal counseling seeks to provide a glimpse of what you might face in the future, both financially and emotionally, so you have an opportunity to think clearly before deciding to divorce or separate. Call 206-859-6800 to talk with us about scheduling your first counseling session.

Nothing on this page is intended as legal advice for an individual. Call us now to learn more about how we can assist in your specific situation.