Family Law Training Program Curriculum

Integrative Family Law Training will include the following components:

  • Thorough understanding of federal, state and local laws and court processes
  • Interview skills to elicit a thorough understanding of the clients’ values and priorities
  • Understanding the cycle of grief and loss (including physiological responses) in divorce and the ability to share this knowledge with clients so they gain a sense of stability during a very challenging time
  • Knowledge of basic psychology, including a general understanding of personality disorders and symptoms of depression, for purposes of referral to mental health professionals
  • Knowledge of when other professional assistance, for example, accountants, asset appraisers, career consultants, or educational consultants is necessary
  • Development of excellent communication skills to ensure clear communication with clients and the ability to interact effectively with other lawyers
  • Knowledge of child development to assist clients in making good decisions regarding their children
  • Exercises to develop self awareness, in order to be able to perceive outside events more clearly