Our Corporate Mark

Integrative Family Law’s Corporate logo is based on the Tangram — an ancient Chinese puzzle game. It is a square divided into seven geometric shapes that can be used to create many different pictures when re-arranged.

As a metaphor for Integrative Family Law, the Tangram becomes a literal symbol of destruction, imagination, and re-creation. When our lives change through separation or divorce, what serves us best is our ability to pick up the broken pieces and recreate for ourselves a new life. A life that may not look exactly as it did before, but one that has the potential of being whole, happy, and blessed with long term well being.

The history of the Tangram is shrouded in mystery, however one story of its origin is that it was first created by a legendary Chinese peasant named Tan, who one day dropped his favorite plate, accidentally smashing it into seven pieces. As he tried to fit the pieces back together, he found it was much more difficult than he first thought, and in the process, he discovered many other shapes and figures as he tried to piece it together again.

In Chinese this puzzle is called ch’i ch’iao t’u. This translates to ‘ingenious-puzzle figure of seven pieces’. Lewis Carroll, Thomas Edison, President Grover Cleveland, and Edgar Allan Poe among others, are reputed to have been great fans of tangrams. Whatever the specific origin, this excellent puzzle game is still widely used today. To play you simply need to rearrange the seven forms to exactly reproduce the given image. These images are either geometric in nature or patterned after a familiar object. It is not as easy as it first appears. This is an excellent exercise in spatial coordination and being able to discern the whole from its randomly scattered parts.