Sandy Sullivan (formerly Meadowcroft) has spent thousands of hours in the courtroom and she is passionate about advocating for her clients in court. Sandy enjoys the personal interaction she has with each client and knows each client’s life and legal issues are unique. She acknowledges and respects the individual challenges that each of her clients face as they navigate the Family Law process and she prides herself on being highly responsive to her clients’ needs. Sandy is dedicated to obtaining the best possible result for her clients and their families. She has handled complex child support matters and highly disputed property divisions, including those involving prenuptial agreements. Sandy understands that cookie cutter financial solutions often leave families in turmoil and economic distress. She constantly pursues answers that provide a stable financial basis for all parties.

Sandy was born and raised in Washington. After graduating from Northwestern Law School in Chicago with honors and as a member of Law Review, she returned to Washington. She started her law career at a civil law firm specializing in complex litigation with an emphasis on Employment Law. In 1996, Sandy became a King County Prosecutor. She spent the next fifteen years prosecuting misdemeanor crimes with a large percentage of her cases involving domestic violence. As a result, she has extensive knowledge and experience dealing with domestic violence issues, including obtaining and fighting Protection Orders, the impact of domestic violence on children, and how to navigate criminal restraining orders. From her years of experience with domestic violence issues, she is acutely aware of the long-term impact divorce has on every person involved in the process, especially the children.

Sandy is a single mom of two boys. Her youngest son is developmentally delayed, has seizures and is autistic. As a result, she understands the distinct difficulties and needs of single parents of special needs children.