Divorce Attorney Krista Stipe Seattle WA

“I love to work with people, hear their stories, help resolve problems and formulate a plan for their future.”

Krista Stipe


Krista has a long history of making a difference in the lives of families and young people going through difficult situations. Prior to becoming an attorney, she worked as an English teacher at an inner-city high school near Oakland, CA, and Krista experienced divorce herself as a child. She fully understands the impact of family law matters and carefully considers how decisions affect children.

After serving on a jury, Krista became fascinated with the legal process and decided to pursue a law degree, knowing that her educational background and problem-solving abilities would serve her well. Krista specialized in family law because of her interest in assisting people from all walks of life. After law school she worked with Brewe Layman in Everett, and then joined McKinley Irvin in Seattle, where she established the firm’s estate planning practice.

Stipe joined Integrative Family Law so she could work more collaboratively with clients and the opposing side. While well-trained in litigation and successful in her courtroom practice, she finds the most satisfaction in reaching resolutions to issues cooperatively.

Krista is married and the mother of two children. When she isn’t practicing law or spending time with her family, she enjoys skiing, tennis, and yoga.


  • J.D., Seattle University Law, Summa Cum Laude
  • B.A., English, Montana State University, with honors

Memberships & Affiliations

  • Washington State Bar Association Family Law Section Member
  • Washington State Bar Association, Real Property, Probate and Trust Section member
  • King County Bar Association, Family Law Section Member
  • King County Bar Association, Real Property, Probate and Trust Section member

Recent Publications & Presentations

Recent Publications

  • Seattle Journal for Social Justice – Article Editor (2005-2006)
  • Seattle Journal for Social Justice – Staff Member (2004-2005)


  • Co-Presenter and Co-Author, What to Do if your Client’s Spouse Works on a Separate Property Business: Some Ideas, Continuing Legal Education Course — Community Property Law in Washington: Current Issues for Experienced Practitioners


“Krista came on board my team as we learned that trial was going to be needed in my case. A prospect I wanted to avoid, but was necessary. From day one, she showed how her experience in trial preparation was a strength for her. In a time of doubt for me, she conveyed confidence, had absorbed the merits and details of my case quickly, and laid out a strategy that was a great balance of advising and collaborating. I didn’t know this world, but her approach made me feel inclusive of the decisions and her time taken to explain things made me comfortable with the decisions I was making. There is an art to this, I’ve learned, a balance of guiding and listening, and Krista is able to strike that balance with ease. My case took more than a few twists and turns, and while I am sure everyone may feel that, even as it was happening I felt confident in my understanding of where we were and the decision that lay before us. More so, I felt confident in the steps we were taking and our preparation for trial. We were doing things the right way and setting the table so that as trial approached, we were well positioned. Tons of time and effort goes into this, but with Krista I knew that time was being used efficiently. She understood my position, both legally and financially, and found a path forward that I could believe in. What made this so exceptional and beyond expectations was her belief in me. Then we went to trial. All of the feedback provided before is echoed and really should be reinforced or amplified. In trial, things move fast, tactics by opposing counsel change or come to light, and the time to react and be prepared is short….but I never felt that way with Krista. She’s sharp, quick, and experienced and her ability to think a few steps ahead made this so much better. I didn’t feel surprised, even though the script was non-traditional, to say the last. We knew what we were doing. While that doesn’t guarantee any outcome, it sure make you feel better about things that are highly stressful and moving very quickly. But what needs to be emphasized, beyond all the guidance Krista provided to me throughout was her dedication, her passion, and and her belief in my case. Seeing Krista in action in court, quickly assessing the situation, making the right decisions, being so prepared to accommodate changes to the flow of the case, incorporate new information, ready to adapt; truly amazing. She put in the work, and poured more than that into it. I couldn’t not have been more proud of her preparation and her passion as the case came to a close. It was awe-inspiring, and made me so grateful to have her on my team. When the ruling came through with even better results than hoped, I know that so much of that is due to the whole Integrative Law team (the crew is beyond awesome), but Krista was completely spectacular. I would recommend her to anyone, and am so grateful to have had her counsel, her belief, her dedication, and her passion on my side in court. She just knocked it out of the park and I can’t say enough about it.” – Anon.

“I was recommended Integrated Family Law by a friend who spoke highly of them. My experience with them regarding was wonderful. No matter where my attorney was, she always returned my calls and emails promptly. She helped me to understand the laws regarding my situation, and what I was entitled to. She answered all of my questions and made sure I understood everything. I felt that I was well taken care of as a client.” – Larissa