Integrative Family Law’s paralegal, Joshua Dawson, is also a Limited License Legal Technician (LLLT).  LLLTs are legal professionals who are licensed by the Supreme Court of Washington to independently advise and assist clients in family law matters without the supervision of an attorney.  As such, LLLTs represent a cost effective way for people with limited resources to receive competent legal advice and assistance with family law issues such as divorce and legal separation, parenting, and child support.    LLLTs can also assist clients with domestic violence protection orders, and with some limitations, parenting plan modification actions.

It is important to note that although LLLTs can practice family law in Washington State, they are not attorneys, and the scope of a LLLTs practice is “limited”.  For example, LLLTs cannot advise clients as to the division of some marital assets whose value exceeds a certain dollar amount.  LLLTs are also prohibited from advising or assisting clients with some family law issues, including De Facto parentage cases and property divisions in Committed Intimate Relationships.

More information about Washington’s LLLT Program can be found at the Washington State Bar Association’s website at:

If you need assistance with your family law matter but lack the resources to retain an attorney, a Limited License Legal Technician may be a good option for you.